Last Updated 8/23/20

State Wide Donation Links

Women for Political Change: Women for Political Change (WFPC) is a Minnesota-based non-profit that “holistically invests in the leadership and political power of young women and trans & non-binary individuals throughout Minnesota.” Right now, they are “directly redistributing resources to folks on the frontlines, including food, medical supplies, and transportation.”

Black Visions Collective: The Black Visions Collective Movement and Legal Fund, a Black, trans and queer-led organization, is helping lead the protests and advocating to defund the police in Minnesota.

Reclaim the Block: Reclai the Block is a Minnesota based organisation that has been lobbying for defunding the police, and re-routing the funds to affordable housing, health, violence prevention, and civil right protections.

Northstar Health Collective: Northstar Health Collective are a group of street medics who have been providing healthcare and other resources to protestors. They currently state that they have received more than enough donations, but link alternate organizations on their website.

Twin Cities Recovery Project: The Twin Cities Recovery Project is offering assistance and support to those suffering from substance use disorder in their transition toward lifestyles of health and productivity by offering a drug free environment as well as resources to develop the whole person. This will enable them to build healthy and positive relationships and to become productive members of society.

Food Justice for Frontlines (Twin Cities DSA): The Twin Cities chapter of the Democratic Socialists Association is currently raising funds to supply food and groceries to feed those on the front lines.

National Petitions

Change.org: Justice for George Floyd

White House Petition: Official US Government Petition

Justice for Floyd: Add your name

How You Can Help

Please contact County Attorney Mike Freeman, Mayor Frey, and the City Attorney's Office, and demand that they release people who have been detained on low-level charges and for protesting during a pandemic.

Protest Locations

Saint Paul (8/23 12pm) - Get Directions

Austin - Send Location

Rochester - Send Location

Owatonna - Get Directions

Minneapolis - Send Location

St. Paul - Get Directions

Oakdale - Send Location

Lake Elmo - Get Directions

Duluth - Get Directions

Grand Rapids - Get Directions

Bemidji - Get Directions

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