Protest Safely

Resources For Protesters

Safety During Protests: Amnesty International's information on staying safe while protesting

Control Agents (CDC): Information about how to protect yourself in the event that law enforcement uses tear gas against protesters.

Know Your Rights: Educate yourself about your rights before protesting

Protest First Aid: Be prepared to take care of yourself and others in the event that you are injured at a protest.

Hotlines To Call for Unlawful Arrests

Los Angeles, CA - 310-313-3700

San Antonio, TX - 210-227-1515

Richmond, VA - 210- 227-1515

New York City, NY - 783-346-6322

Minneapolis, MN - 612-444-2654

Atlanta, GA - 612-444-2654

Philadelphia, PA - 484-758-0388

Louisville, KY - 502-705-0081

Raleigh, NC - 484-758-0388

Tips For Protesting

What To Wear:

Shatter-proof goggles

Broad face covering Ex. Bandana

Protective shoes, long shirt, and long pants

What To Do:

Make a plan with your friends if you happen to get separated

Watch for signs of physical and mental problems in yourself and others

Document, film or write down police actions, brutality, and injuries

What NOT to Do:

Don't wear anything oil-based on your skin, it can trap tear gas and make the effects worse

Don't wear things that can be easily grabbed (e.g. jewelry, ties, loose hair)

Avoid going alone, if you can help it

Don't wear contacts

Don't forget to eat food and drink lots of water